Servant Leadership. Noor graduated (1998) cum laude by developing a governance-model which combines freedom of the individual with innovation and efficiency in organizations.

When graduated she applied her studies on a wider scale, local and national governance. Servant leadership in politics is mobilizing and empower your citizens, with a clear vision.

How can you make people blossom and give their best?

Signs of Time. Noor is ahead of her time. She senses deep issues in society and sees new paths and solutions. She was a frontrunner in Servant Leadership, social innovation, move (a swarm) to innovate, purpose & economy, energetic work & strategy. Her latest research is rebalancing feminine and masculine values. To enchant an economy of true value, for people, planet ánd profit.

Innovate by creating new dynamics. She likes to organize networks of frontrunners to create new paths to the future. Experience in healthcare, banking, retirement, social-city and neighbourhood development and social innovation on national scale. She combines great enthusiasm, a sharp analytic mind and an enchanting sense for purpose. With a wicked question in the middle.

Leadership, strategy and consciousness. Noor is able to sense energetic fields and make them visible. Bring the unseen to consciousness, so we can work with it. In personal matters or in strategic context. Her level of integrity is therefor sky-high. She is holding the space for people who find their path of consciousness on all levels.

The art of Living. Noor likes to dance, to celebrate, she is fond of sailing on the Northern Sea, she likes to tell weird stories. She likes to dress up. For a lot of different adventures, high class, primitive and dusty, breathe in silence or dance till the sun rises. She likes the most beautiful people to celebrate life with. She likes to explore.